You picked an Apple Mac - now get  Apple Support when you need it
from a Certified Apple Specialist.

Whatever your problem with an Apple Mac computer, I can help - quickly & efficiently,
by 'phone, Skype, iChat, email, or a personal site visit.
I deal with iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Mini, Xserve, Mac Pro - for home, office, or education.
From 'How do I...?' to 'Help, it won't start up'

Based in Portsmouth, UK - home or site visits throughout Hampshire, Surrey & Sussex.
 Online or telephone support to you anywhere in the world.

To arrange support, please contact me - Andrew Ball - using one of the following:
call +44 (0)2392 812810 or (0)7941 514026
email :
Skype : chosenfruit My status
iChat / AIM  :
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Click below if you wish to pre-pay for online/telephone support

Fixed Fee Offer - £40/$70 until resolved
Many typical problems can be dealt with in one 30 minute £20/$35 session, but some may require longer ... 
if you purchase two, this covers unlimited support for an individual problem or question 
on  a single Mac OS X client  computer, until it is resolved - or found to be due to hardware faults,
 or to a bug, conflict, or feature, which cannot be changed by the user.

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